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How much will your window project cost?

Average Cost: $150 – $750 per window. Use this calculator to better estimate the cost of your window project.

Window Replacement Cost

Window replacement costs most residents $650 each with an average range of $200 to $1,800. To replace all the windows in a standard 3-bedroom house would run $3,000 to $10,000. Large homes with custom work can easily total $20,000. A small, single pane aluminum type might run as little as $200 with labor while a large, custom, double-pane bay variety might hit $5,000 with upgraded options like a low-e coating. Labor alone runs $100to $300 each.


There are many reasons to replace the windows on your house.A new set can give your house a subtle facelift.Replacing a small one with a larger one allows in more light and a better view. Newer, energy-efficient types can save an average 15% on your energy bill. Whatever the reason for replacing them, it’s important to have a professional perform the work. It isn’t a DIY project..

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