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Can I Have an 8 Foot Fence

Applying for a Variance for a Higher Fence

If you’ve got precise motives for wanting a better fence, you may need to use for a variance whilst you post your fence allow utility to the local constructing and code department. A reason for building an 8-foot fence, for example, might include owning belongings that’s next to a commercial building or backing up to a wooded area that deer frequent. A variance will make it more difficult to get your permit approved—however how difficult depends for your local code enforcement regulations and officers, in addition to whether or not or now not your associates help your fence plan.

HOA-Imposed Fence Restrictions

Your homeowner’s affiliation (HOA) may have even stricter regulations than your municipality while it comes to such things as fence top, color, and material. Check the bylaws of your

Can I Have an 8 Foot Fence


association earlier to beginning your task to keep away from being fined or asked to get rid of your fence!

Choosing Your Fence’s Height Based on Functionality

The reason you need a fence in all likelihood has a lot to do with how high you want your fence to be.

Privacy Fences

If you’re searching for privacy and don’t need your pals if you want to see into your backyard, you’ll probably want a fence as high as viable. A six foot fence made out of stable wood or vinyl panels, rather than broadly spaced pickets, will give you the maximum privateness in your outside.

Can I Have an 8 Foot Fence


Fences to Protect Your Garden

If you’re walling off your garden you’re probably looking for a fence in an effort to assist hold animals – and trampling ft – far from your plants, at the same time as nevertheless accentuating the look of flowers, vegetables, and herbs. If deer and huge mammals are not a situation for you, a shorter fence can help delineate your garden space. An open fence can also allow animals like moles, groundhogs or rabbits to get at your plants, though. A taller, deer fence may be as excessive as 8 toes, but would want a variance and possibly block the view of the plants you are trying to protect.

Pet Fences

If you are a pet proprietor, one main purpose to get a fence is to allow your dog get right of entry to to the backyard. Some small puppies or dogs that cannot leap will do best with shorter fences, however in general, a 6-foot fence is suitable for holding your canine – and making sure different animals don’t get into your yard to terrorize your pets.

Pool Fences

For those lucky sufficient to have a pool, a pool fence is needed by law to help limit get right of entry to, as an unintentional fall into a frame of water can be dangerous. These fences do no

Can I Have an 8 Foot Fence


longer want to be strong privacy fences, and many humans pick out to cause them to open aluminum or vinyl fences, both of which withstand moisture harm much higher than wood. Most pool fences are about 4 toes in height, however you will have to check nearby ordinances for legal requirements.

Fences for Defining Your Property

Finally, some human beings simply need a nice searching fence to delineate assets, isolating it from the pals or the street, and enhancing the curb attraction of their home. In this case, your fence can obviously be any top. Most humans pick out shorter, 3-foot wooden fences for the the front backyard. You can do the equal for the outdoor, however preserve in mind how a shorter fence may also appearance in your outdoor, as well as the resale fee of your home – the next property proprietor may be looking for privateness, gardening space, or a dog fence!

Do I Need to Replace My Fence If It’s Too Short?

Can I Have an 8 Foot Fence


If the previous owner of your assets, or maybe you (earlier than your desires changed) set up a fence that is now too short, there may be a solution. Adding a fence extension can create up to 8 feet of peak in your fence. This added portion can also be angled to help include puppies who like to jump or to maintain deer from your backyard. While a stable privateness fence is probably 6 toes peak, adding a further two-foot extension will give you an introduced visible component, since the ones final two toes could be product of lattice or open paintings to lessen wind resistance.

Additionally, when you have a fence in suitable condition that is too tall to your desires, it may be feasible to have it reduce right down to a smaller size, depending on the materials and installation. This is a challenge great perfect to a fence professional

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