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Does Medicare Cover Stair Chair Lifts

If you are in for a stair lift on the market, you may be wondering whether your health insurance or Medicare coverage will pay the costs. Unfortunately, standard health insurance and Medicare are not usually cover the purchase or installation of a stair lift, also order with a doctor.

The cost of a straight rail stair lift is usually around $ 2,200 to $ 5,000 during the installation based on the make and model. A custom curved rail stair lift will likely start at $ 9,500, with the installation. If these prices your budget are out, it can give you available other than your health insurance financing options.

Medicaid Waivers

Many states such as Minnesota and Connecticut have Medicaid community-based home and waiver programs, which often cover the cost of home modifications such as a stair lift. To qualify, these waivers, you usually need the income criteria meet Medical Assistance on your state to obtain. state requirements and available resources will be different, however, so it is recommended that you contact your state’s Department of Health and Human Services to find out what’s available in your area.

Alternative insurance cover

While policy health insurance rarely covers changes at home, especially if the disability was caused by an accident or an injury some auto insurance, compensation of the employee, state pay catastrophic accident insurance plans or medical trust fund for home modifications. Long-term care policy can also cover seniors. Some policies allow individuals to use benefits cover home modifications, if it means that the receiver avoid assisted living facility or nursing home entry.

Home Improvement Loans

In some regions, micro-loans for home improvement as the Minnesota Housing and Finance Agency Fix-up Fund and the Bank / Connecticut Housing Investment Fund for People, Inc. (CHIF), are home improvement loan program available.

Typically, loans, these loans offer low fixed interest rates, friendly repayment terms, no prepayment penalty and reduce costs and fees include as typical home improvement. Check to see your state housing agencies, whether similar loans are available in your area.

The US Department of Veterans Affairs home owner
Veterans with service connected disabilities particular can be used for housing grants applies to their home accessible. This includes specially adapted housing (SAH) Grant and the Special Home Adaptations (SHA) Grant. To find out if you qualify with your local VA office check.

Area Agencies on Aging

Some Area Agencies on Aging can provide home modifications within the scope of the services that are provided. Depending on the area in which the individual lives, the program home repair and remodeling can offer services on a sliding scale or free of charge. The link Eldercare Locator helps you organize your environment Agency on Aging.

Foundations and organizations

Private foundations and non-profit organizations such as Rebuilding Together is remodeling services sometimes at home. Other organizations such as the MS Society will focus on the needs of people with specific illnesses or disabilities.


Crowdfunding or crowdsourcing is to increase the practice, project or venture of contributions by many people including family, friends and acquaintances of the financing. This is often popular crowdfunding sites performed using as GoFundMe and Kickstarter, but the concept can events fundraising be carried out by the Community.

Consumer Financing

Some stairlift providers offer financing to qualified buyers in the stair lift will be paid in monthly payments. Sometimes there is a deposit is required and a rate of interest is usually applied to the payments.

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